Realtor Gets Naked To Sell A House

A shameless realtor in Los Angeles is trying to drum up attention for his listings by taking photos of himself NAKED inside the homes.

He said in a quote that he spoke with the owners first and then went ahead with his wild plan ... “I asked them to ‘bear with me’ on this idea,” he added. “It was definitely shocking at first but I explained with conviction that I believed it would work. It’s just a tongue in cheek, fun marketing idea that we all game planned and ultimately thought it was a good idea to implement and they were on board.”

I can appreciate the hustle, with some people commenting “Bruhhhh you just changed the realtor game forever,” one user commented under his post. 

“Marketing genius,” another said.

Some people didn't see it like that but the realtor's response is “I’m aware a unique push like this is not for everyone, but I know my intentions behind it were nothing but good. And again, to get the property out there,” Ferrugio said. “And, it worked.”

Would you let your realtor market your home like this? What if it was a woman? Would it get the same response?

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