Pop-Tarts Are Getting Special Butters!

Pop-Tarts. I personally am not the greatest fan but some people eat them every morning. For those who enjoy a cheeky Pop Tart from time to time, listen up. There is a new product about to hit the shelves that

They did their research by checking out Twitter which to me seems very clever and they found 6,946 tweets about "Pop-Tarts and butter" from this year alone. So they're partnering with a company called Banner Butter, and releasing a limited run of Pop-Tart branded butters starting next Tuesday to go with different flavors. Just in case they weren't high enough in calories already.

The six butters they're selling are Chocolate . . . Strawberry . . . Sea Salt . . . Cinnamon with Cardamom and Ginger . . . Honey Habanero . . . and Balsamic Fig. They go on sale next Tuesday at BannerButter.com/PopTarts. For $25, you get a kit with all six, plus three boxes of Pop-Tarts to spread them on. 

What do you think? Will you be buttering your Pop-Tarts too?

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