Sneak Peak And Local Tips - Visiting Chicago

With the pandemic, it seems most of our travel will remain in the U.S for a while. Even though borders to come countries are open, we may not feel comfortable on long-haul flights for a while. This has led to a boom in domestic travel. If you're considering a little vacation within the states maybe consider Chicago?

I went there recently with my boyfriend and we had a lovely time. I had no idea the place had so much architecture and history!

Check out the video below. It's just a small taste of what you can expect to see in the windy city.

P.S: Make sure you arrive hungry and eat all the food they have to offer because this city knows its food! Do the deep dish pizza because you have to at least try it once but ... here's a hot tip! The real locals actually eat the Chicago thin crust pizza. In my opinion, it's actually much better.

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