How I Met Your Father - We Now Have A Premiere Date

The beloved TV show How I Met Your Mother of course is over but there is now a spin-off coming to Hulu starring ... Hillary Duff. This is definitely going to drawer a different crowd and I think be super different than the original. The original producers will be a part of this new series but with new directors and cast it will be a whole new animal.

'"How I Met Your Father" will see Hilary Duff as the main character following the same format as the original series. Duff's character Sophie will be joined by an eclectic bunch of friends and romantic interests to tell the story of how she meets the father of her son.'

Check out the video below on everything you need to know about the new series.

"How I Met Your Father" is set to premiere January 18th on Hulu. Will you be watching it? Do you think this was a good move? Do you think it will be as funny? You can let me know on social media @ameliaonair

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