I Really Confused An American Waitress By Ordering This Aussie Drink!

I ordered a Lemon, Lime and Bitters with my dinner the other night and I really confused the waitress.

It's a very common drink in Australia and I didn't realize that it wasn't a thing here. My boyfriend told me I have to get used to the words people use here in the U.S, but this one honestly slipped by me!

Lemon: Lemonade, but we call Sprite ... Lemonade so really this stands for Sprite.

Lime: Fresh lime and or lime cordial .... cordial is like a sweet flavoured syrup in Australia and I don't know what the equivalent would be here. We usually mix the stuff with water as a sweet, non-fizzy kids drink.

Bitters: Everyone knows Angostura bitters, usually used in cocktails. This drink is alcohol-free although bitters technically has a tiny bit of alcohol in it. I like to make it a dirty one by adding a nice vodka to it.

Make one at home and tell me what you think!

Photo: Jenny Bess On Pinterest

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