Are You Fit Enough For The U.S Army?

I like to think of myself as relatively fit, but this workout would absolutely kick my butt!

Since 1980, the U.S. Army fitness test has been simple. It consisted of two minutes of sit-ups, two minutes of pushups and a two-mile run.

Well, that’s all changed now. I think I could have done that first test but this new one is something else!

The new U.S. Army fitness test requirements include:

Deadlift -- Three reps of 140 pounds

Standing Power Throw -- Throwing a 10-pound medicine ball a distance of about 15 feet

Hand Release Pushup -- Two minutes of these special pushups, a minimum of 10

Sprint-Drag-Carry -- Five 50-meter shuttles involving -- among other things -- a sled drag, carrying a medicine ball and sprinting

Plank with Leg Tucks -- Minimum plank time of 2 minutes, 9 seconds

Two-Mile Run -- Completed in under 21 minutes

Could YOU complete this test? Give it a go!

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