Coupon Stacking - Do It To Save Big!

"Coupon stacking" is a technique where you use multiple coupons . . . plus other discounts . . . to save big money when you're shopping online. Around 80 major stores give you the chance to use multiple coupons . . . plus you can also save more with a store credit card or by buying discounted gift cards.

1. You can usually use a storewide coupon plus a coupon on a specific item. So at a place like Kohl's, you could use a coupon for 10% off everything in the store, then also use a coupon for 10% off pajamas.

2. Using a store credit card can save even more. For example, if you have Target's RedCard, you get an extra 5% off what you buy, even if you used a coupon.

3. Buy discounted gift cards. Lots of gift cards are discounted at this time of year, plus there are sites like Raise that always have gift cards for reduced prices. So use multiple coupons AND pay with a discounted gift card to save the most.

I never use coupons but I think it's about time I did!

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