Australian Keeps Calm While Spider Crawls Up Her Leg!

Australians seem to have a way about us that can keep calm under stressful, animal situations! We do live in a country with many dangerous, slithering, creepy crawly animals but it does really become part of everyday life dealing with them.

I'm from a place called Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia and our health minister there recently had to keep calm under one of these crazy animal situations!

As a COVID news conference was being held in Queensland, Australia, a spider decided to wander in.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath was conducting an outdoor news conference to discuss the need for businesses to comply with recent vaccination policies when a huntsman spider crawled onto the podium.

Someone pointed it out and she asked someone to take care of it, but the large spider decided to crawl onto her LEG. While most of us would have screamed, D’Ath was cool about it.

The spider was finally removed. To give you an idea of the creep factor, huntsman spiders can reach up to one foot long, including their legs.

This gives me 1991 vibes when the beloved Steve Irwin got bitten by a snake on live TV and was very calm and even said, I'm sorry about this but he just bit me.

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