A Fight Broke Out At Miami International Airport - Here's The Video

If you have any type of social media, chances are that you would have seen the viral video of the policeman and the unruly passengers at the airport having a brawl. That airport happened to be M.I.A.

Miami International Airport is seeing a record number of holiday travelers this year despite a rise in COVID cases, and on Monday, tempers flared and some of those travelers got into a wild brawl.

Airport police were called to a gate over a reported disturbance regarding a delayed flight. They encountered an unruly passenger who then began fighting with one of the officers. The wild scene was caught on video. It shows people scuffling with an officer who has his arm around a man in a chokehold. The man was able to break free and then started punching the officer who tried to deescalate the situation by drawing his weapon. Two people involved were taken into custody. Police are investigating the officer who pulled out his weapon.

(NBC News)

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