Netflix: What Films Everyone Is Watching Right Now

Wondering what to watch on Netflix these days? Over Christmas movies and ready for something else?

I am here with the top movies watched on Netflix right now.

Coming in at number one, Don't Look UP, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio's end-of-the-world comedy.

Sandra Bullock's new flick, The Unforgivable sees her in a very different role than she played in Miss Congeniality.

Check out the trailer here.

If you're like me and will watch any Fast and Furious movie that comes out then you're bound to enjoy Hobbs & Shaw.

Here's a little one for the Aussies or kids from anywhere, Back to the Outback.

If you just watched the new Spiderman movie, you might be in the mood to go back and watch Spider-Man: Homecoming.

I, myself, have conned my boyfriend into watching all the Marvel movies in suggested order by Disney and so far we have had to watch half of one movie every night as one of us falls asleep before it ends.

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