NyQuil Chicken?! The Latest Dangerous TikTok Trend Kids Are Trying!

The first really dumb TikTok trend of the year is called the "Sleepy Chicken Challenge" and it involves boiling chicken in half-a-bottle of NYQUIL. It's supposed to be a cold remedy, but it could actually cause an overdose and KILL you.

Basically, you put a single chicken breast in a pot . . . dump up to half-a-bottle of NyQuil in there . . . and braise or boil it until it's cooked. Hopefully FULLY cooked . . . people seem to be having trouble with that part.

It's dangerous even if you do fully cook it though. For two reasons . . .

First, it's just an insane amount of NyQuil. When you boil it down, the water and alcohol evaporate, but the drugs are still in there. So you're basically loading a chicken breast up with WAY too much medicine, and you could overdose.

But also, when you boil liquid medicine like that, you can end up inhaling some of it, which is also bad.

When that happens, it bypasses your liver and goes straight into your bloodstream without any toxins being filtered out. And just that alone can mess you up. 

Basically, DON'T do this.

We love TikTok, but this is just nuts.

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