National Popcorn Day Fun Facts!

Here are some facts for National Popcorn Day! 92% of us like popcorn. How could the other 8% not like the buttery, salty goodness that is popcorn?!

1. Even with the variety we have now, butter and salt are still our favorite flavors

2.Caramel corn and kettle corn also ranked high. Only 2% of us prefer it plain with no flavoring. Ewwww!

3.Women like kettle corn more than men. 17% said yes, compared to 13% of guys. Are we sure about that one? I can't stand the stuff.

4. Movie theater popcorn is our favorite type. But if we're making it at home, our favorite brands are Orville Redenbacher and Pop Secret. The brand Act 2 placed third.

5. Not all types of corn are poppable. Did you know this?! The "hull" or skin on the kernel has to be thick enough to let pressure build up. So they use a specific type of corn for popping.


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