There's A New Nose Mask On The Market

A company in South Korea just unveiled a new type of mask called the "Kosk" that folds up and only covers your NOSE. It's for people who still want some protection while eating at restaurants. And yes . . . it's funny looking.

The kosk got its name from combining the word "mask" and "ko," the Korean word for nose, the Post reported, adding that "kosk" is usually used to refer to people who don't properly wear the mask over their nose.

Researchers in Mexico already came up with a nose-only mask last year, which also looked funny. But you had to wear that one under a normal mask. This one can be a regular mask, but then fold up and be nose-only.

Most people online think it's funny . . . or just dumb, because the virus can still get in through your mouth. But some people seem to think it might be helpful. If that's you, a website in Korea is currently selling boxes of 10 for $8.

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