Australia Finally Opens It's Boarders!

Guys! I might be able to go and visit my family soon!

I haven't seen them since 2019 due to the pandemic and since then my sister graduated college and moved in with her boyfriend, my Dad had a huge operation and my mum turned 60! My best friend got married and I was meant to be in the bridal party and now she's had a baby and my other friend has her second on the way.

I have missed a lot, to say the least.

And now, nearly two years after fortress Australia banned overseas tourists, the welcome mat will be back out for fully vaccinated international visitors from February 21.

I want to cry, actually, I am. I'm writing this through blurry eyes because I'm so excited to hug my family again after a long three years.

What would you like to see me write about, film and post while I'm over there?

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