This Diet Could Extend Your Life By 10 Years!

We know that fast food is and for us but do we really know just HOW bad it is?

A new study out this week found that switching to a healthy, more plant-based diet could add an extra DECADE to your life . . . ten years for women, and 13 years for men. That's a lot to consider next time we put a steak in our mouth.

By "healthy," they mean switching from a western diet with lots of red meat and processed food, to an "optimized" diet that focuses more on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

If a woman made that type of lifestyle change at age 20, she could increase her lifespan by just over 10 years. And for men, 13 years.

If you're thinking well, I'm no spring chicken, that's okay too because it can still have a huge effect, even if you start much later in life.

If you start at age 60, women can still improve their lifespan by eight years. And it's closer to nine years for men.

The study found even people in their 80s could extend their life by three-and-a-half years just by switching to a healthier, more plant-based diet. 

So it's time to go grocery shopping and buy some vegetables I think!

Will you be doing the same?

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