You Can Now Play Real Life Squid Games

I think I'm the only person to have not seen Squid Games in like ... the whole world. Everyone was/is obsessed with it and many even dressed like the show for Halloween last year. I will probably end up watching it when I have the time but for now, I will try to understand the hype from an outsiders perspective.

There is now a Squid Games Experience ....  you may be thinking "well that ain't good" considering lots of people died in the fictional TV series on Netflix. But it's okay, it's a realistic but non-deadly experience that a company is offering tourists in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) allocated a special zone for the event, spanning an area of 9,582sqm at Boulevard Riyadh City in Riyadh. In just 35 days, the area was built with different zones for the six levels of the game.

Saudi Arabia will become the first place in the world to host a "real-life" "Squid Game" experience . . . will that be enough to get you to fly over there and visit?

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