Peloton Has A New Feature!

Over being yelled at to "push harder" by the Peloton instructor all throughout covid?

Well, it seems you're not alone. Peloton has introduced Lanebreak -- which is pretty much a bunch of bike workouts that feel like a racing video game.

Riders get behind a virtual wheel, race down a highway and gain points for higher levels of output and resistance.

It was designed, of course, for people who’ve grown bored with normal instructor-led classes.

What do you think? Wo9uld this be enough to get you to buy a Peleton?

Of course, this comes after John Foley, announced that he would step down as chief executive and become executive chairman. Peloton said it was restructuring and laying off 2,800 workers, or 20 per cent of its workforce.

Would you still rather be at home on a bike or in a real gym?

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