Want To Join The Mile High Club? Now You Can!

Have you joined the Mile High Club? I certainly have zero interest in doing the dirty in those tiny airplane bathrooms. But what if you could do it in stale, with more space?

There's actually a company that won't kick you off the flight for making sweet, sweet, love in the air!

Love Cloud is an airline that specializes in helping you and your partner have some sky-high lovin’.

If you have a spare $995, you get a 45-minute trip on the private plane, which includes a red satin bed (woot woo) that is totally private and separate from the pilot ..... as one would hope!

And to commemorate the occasion you get a signed “mile high club” membership card so everyone knows what you did up there. Frame it and put it in the living room for an interesting conversation with grandma?

If you’ve already joined the club, you can opt to have a romantic 3-course meal while on board or you can even get married on the plane.

Would YOU do this?

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