Australian Researchers Find Vicious Birds Work Together In Groups

Researchers in Australia put tracking devices on a bunch of magpies, which are a type of bird. But the birds outsmarted them, and worked together to rip the trackers off each other. Until now, we didn't know birds could cooperate and help each other out like that.

I'll tell you what these birds are … annoying. The WORST when it comes to Spring down under. Ask anyone who knows me how relieved I was to find out that in America we don't all have to hide from swooping Magpies and Plovers in Spring.

They protect their nests by attacking anyone or anything that comes near to them and I have been attacked before. Thankfully I was wearing a bicycle helmet when it happened but my father was left bleeding after his last Magpie attack.

People in Australia will wear fake eyes on their helmets to scare the birds away, if they think you're looking at them, they are unlikely to swoop. People also use pipe-cleaners that they stick out of their helmets to stop the bird from getting too close.

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