Burger Vending Machines Now Exist! See The Video.

Imagine being at the airport at 1am and starving but all the restaurants are closed and you have a long layover or in a dorm room and not having enough money to order food in but had a few beverages and shouldn't drive to 7/11, or you're visiting a loved one at the hospital and want something that isn't hospital food.

Enter RoboBurger!

It's a fresh burger vending machine that's currently inside a mall in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“RoboBurger” vending machine is cooking fresh hamburgers for customers -- in less than six minutes.

This thing is being described as the "world's first fully autonomous robotic burger chef." It plugs into a regular wall socket, and features a refrigerator, an automated griddle and a cleaning system.

Just push a few buttons on the touch screen and the robo-chef grills the patty, toasts the bun, dispenses the selected condiments, assembles the burger and delivers it piping hot and fresh.

Check it out.

I'm hoping this isn't a substitute for the young kids at fast food joints getting into the workforce for the first time, but rather an option for where having a restaurant isn't affordable or reasonable in the location.

Would you eat from a burger vending machine? If they had gluten-free buns I certainly would!

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