Learn How To Make Pizza Eggs!

Whatever you had for breakfast today is about to sound exceedingly lame: TikTok is currently obsessed with recipes for something called PIZZA EGGS.

This sounds like the BEST hangover breakfast in the world.

There seems to be two ways to make it ...

The first way to make it is to toss a bunch of toppings in a pan, like pepperoni and onions, along with some butter. Then add in a few eggs, scramble it up, and put cheese on top.


The second way (which I think is better). You take a piece of leftover pizza . . . cut it up into cubes . . . fry them in a pan . . . and pour scrambled egg mix on top. 


Do me a favour and tonight on Friday pizza night, order a pizza, leave some for Saturday morning and cook up this bad boy! Tell me how it is!

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