The Grammys Were A Hit ... This Year, But Not Like The Oscars.

The 64th Grammy Awards was a success and pull off without a ... hit ... I mean hitch.

Of course host, Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central and of the Grammys this year, couldn't help himself but to make a joke about keeping everyone's names out of his mouth in a funny side joke of course about Will Smith's reaction to Chris Rock at the Oscars just a week or so before.

Sad news about the passing fo Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hwakins was regignised and a beautiful ode to him was played on the giant screens to the tune of their very own song My Hero and they also won three awards on the night, of course they weren't in addenence.

  1. Best Rock Performance:  "Making a Fire",  Foo Fighters



  1. Best Rock Album:  "Medicine at Midnight",  Foo Fighters



  1. Best Rock Song:  "Waiting on a War",  Foo Fighters

May Taylor rest in peace and we wish for the best for all the band member in Foo Fighters.

What do you think they will do now? Does this spell the end for the band?

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