Dunkin Has Made A Makeup Line With Elf Cosmetics!

Ladies! If you love Elf Cosmetics and Dunkin Donuts ... it's your lucky day.

They have come together to create one delicious makeup set that is just so adorable.

The E.l.f. Cosmetics x Dunkin' collection features an eyeshadow palette set, a lip gloss set, a HUGE donut-shaped sponge and the bestselling putty primer. Each product takes inspiration from their yummy donut flavors, like strawberry-frosted with sprinkles and the classic glazed. Everything is less than $16 but still slightly more expensive than Elf's normal product range, but that's to be expected with a collaboration like this.

You can buy them at Ulta Beauty.

Check out the items in this video below and let me know if you would buy these products?

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