Check Out This Hidden Island In Australia!

I just got back from Australia this weekend! I went there to surprise my little sister for her birthday and to see my family who I haven't seen since the pandemic in 2019!

While it was a family trip, my boyfriend and I did get a few nights where we were able to sneak away to Cairns for a little time together.

Just off the coast of Cairns, there is Fitzroy Island, it's beautiful for snorkelling and relaxing. You can stay at a hotel, cabin or even camp there.

In 2016 the census said there were 44 people who lived on the island. Yep, it's a small one.

Here is a video of our beautiful day enjoying this tropical paradise.

Fitzroy is a must-do on the list of attractions when visiting Cairns.

You can take a day trip boat like we did or go for longer and stay.

I would also add, going to the Great Barrier Reef to dive or snorkel, taking the Skyrail at Kuranda and Checking out Prawn Star which is a boat/restaurant on the marina and the Greek restaurant Yaya's for dinner on the mainland. You won't regret it!

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