You Can Submit An Emoji Request!

What emoji do you use the most? For me, it's the crying/laughing emoji. 😂

If there's an emoji that you WOULD use all the time if it was an option and you want it added, now's the time to submit your ideas to the "Unicode Consortium." 🕴️

The submission process is fairly complicated though. A few that have already been rejected before include an "angry POOP" emoji . . . a "hangover" emoji . . . and two different "dumpster fire" emojis. I think many of us would use the dumpster fire emoji to describe situations or our lives .. or is that just me? 🙄

You have to include original artwork . . . examples of how you'd use it . . . things like Google search stats to prove other people care . . . and it all has to be in a specific format.  (Here's a "beetle" proposal that got accepted a few years ago.)

So if you have the time and the willingness to go through this serious process then good luck to you my friend! And if you could submit something that is similar to the dumpster fire then great. 👍

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