Aussie Journalist Saves Drowning Boy During His Live Report!

Paul Burt or Burty, as he's affectionately known in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is a weather, boating and fishing reporter where I'm from in Australia and recently he stopped a live broadcast to save a young boy's life.

We are just built differently down under. He was filming a live evening report talking about a rip current when he saw a 10-year-old boy get swept out into it. He stopped his broadcast on live television and just ran into the surf with his clothes on. Once he saved the boy and the ambulance had come to take over, he came back to the camera to finish his report. He looked a bit wet and well, like he had just run into the surf with his clothes on ... but he finished the live broadcast for the night.

What an absolute legend this guy is. If you saw a kid drowning would you go into the rip current in the dark to save him?

Check out this heroic video below!

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