Launch Your Loved Ones Remains Into The Sky!

Have you ever wondred what it would be like getting launched out of a cannon?

Well now, you can be with The Loved One Launcher. You guessed it, this ride will; happen after you die.

It’s a handheld cremation cannon that indeed shoots your remains wherever it’s pointed. Cremation Solutions sells the unusual cannon and includes info on how best to send your loved one out not so silently.

This is perfect for the person who doesn't want a sad funeral but rather a fun celebration of life.

The website explains “The Launcher should not be aimed at any structure or living thing as its blast is powerful. It should only be handled and operated by an adult. Avoid shooting into oncoming wind (downwind or in still air only) and note that it will take two shots to disperse all the ashes of an average adult. More shots if more confetti is desired. “

The Loved One Launcher sells for $375 and you’ll need CO2 cartridges too. The remains are mixed with confetti to make it more festive.

Is this a great idea or do you this it crass?

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