Driverless Rides Are Here In Miami!

Elon Musk watch out!

There is a new company in town coming for your driverless car technology!

Argo AI is a Pittsburg based company that's bringing its driverless vehicles to Miami!

They're backed by Ford and Volkswagen and this expansion to the Sunshine State is a significant milestone for the startup that illustrates its progress toward commercialization.

If you want a ride, sorry you can't just yet! Argo said it will be running its driverless operations in Miami and Austin during “daytime business hours.” Those hours will extend over time, and eventually include evening, as testing continues, according to a spokesperson. For now, the service is limited to company employees, who will have access to the service via an internally developed Argo app.

Why are they in Miami? Well, apparently we are more relaxed with the rules here ... who would have thought?!

"Argo is working with Ford to launch commercial pilots in both of these cities, including integration with Lyft’s ride-hailing platform and a grocery delivery program with Walmart. Argo’s pilot programs with Lyft and Walmart will continue to have a human safety operator behind the wheel for now. Over time, the driverless operations will be integrated with its commercial partners, a spokesperson said. Under state law in Florida and Texas, commercial fleets can charge for driverless services." TechCrunch

"General Motors-backed Cruise, a key Argo AI rival, has begun offering driverless taxi services to the public in San Francisco, but the service is currently limited to late-night hours and the company isn’t yet charging for the rides." CNBC

Would you get into an autonomous vehicle anytime soon?

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