Meet The Woman Who Lives In An Old Train Caboose

Homeownership is still something many people (including myself) say is out of reach for them, but some are still trying out unique ways to call themselves a homeowner.

Between tiny houses and people becoming more nomadic with "van life" rising in popularity, people are coming up with creative ways to put a roof over their heads with increasing prices in the housing market.

It's so rough out there right now that one woman has decided to live in a train instead ... let me explain.

$45, 000 was what a 64-year-old woman spent on a 110 year old train caboose. Right now it has no running water or electricity but she looks forward to making it into a liveable space like something you would see in a trailer park.

The message from those in the know is "buy what you can safely afford" and she has certainly done that.

Would you resort to something like this?

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