I Saw The New Top Gun: Maverick

Guys! Last night I went to Top Gun: Maverick a fan event. It was a preview screening of the new movie, a sequel, of course, to the original Top Gun, starring a young Tom Cruise 35 years ago after the original was released on May 16th 1986.

This movie is so iconic and holds up over time. I watched the original the night before so my memory of it was fresh. The live-action that is devoid of any CGI makes both of the films, both original and sequel so realistic.

The rigorous training and partnership with the military and the REAL TOP GUN (who knew) really delivers an authenticity that just wouldn't be possible without their involvement.

From the joy of the moment when you first see the jacket and the motorcycle to the areal fight scenes and the heart wrenching emotional scenes to the very (surprisingly) funny moments, this movie will make you laugh, cry, hold your breath and leave the theatre feeling so good. It truly is a summer blockbuster like no other I've ever seen.

Whatever your opinions on Tom Cruise and how he lives his life, there's no denying that he certainly makes a good movie.

Check out the trailer here.

I had no idea how much intensive training the actors were signing up for and it seems like they underestimated it too.

Check out the intense training they actually had to do here.

This was a truly wonderful movie, have a look behind the scenes at how it was made.

I can't tell you enough to go and see this film, do yourself a favour, sit at the very back and go to the Fort Lauderdale IMAX!

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