Taco Bell Has A Drastically New Drive In Model

Taco Bell has become pretty futuristic with their new store prototype in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis.

The main concern that people at a drive through have is how long it will take to get to the front of the line. Well, the point of this newly imaged store is to fix that.

It's name? Taco Bell Defy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Drivers check in at kiosks with QR codes
  • Or order from staff via video if they didn’t place a mobile order
  • When the food is ready, it’s dropped down to customers via dumbwaiter-style elevators. Hence, the name “Defy” — it’s “gravity-defying.” Okay, Taco Bell.

The food elevators are proprietary, and were developed by consultancy Vertical Works to reduce service time.

Taco Bell is already the fastest — though not the most accurate — US drive-thru with an average time of 286 seconds. Defy promises to deliver orders in two minutes or less.

What do you think? Would you want more fast food joints to switch to a model like this?

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