New Proposed Seating For Planes May Be An Awful Idea!

Going on a long-haul flight? You can expect, little to no leg room (depending on how tall you are), sleep sitting up (if you CAN sleep) and you'll likely struggle to get your luggage in and out of the overhead bins.

Innovators are attempting to fix that with new proposed double-decker plane seats. However, they could be worse than the original, in my opinion.

In the proposed new layout, plane seats would be sort of ... stacked. Yes, like you would be almost sitting in someone's lap if you were in the top seat. In theory, a good idea, in practice I doubt this would work.

There are two small steps to the upper-level seats, which to me, I would assume, would be a tad difficult to navigate for many people, especially while in the air dealing with turbulence ... all you would need is a slight bump while climbing down and grandma could end up faceplanting into the aisle.

Although I've said I don't particularly love this idea, there are better concepts than others. I do actually think something more like this could potentially work.

This is a much roomier design that seems more feasible. Still, a little wobble while climbing down the ladder and grandma is still on the floor. We have a long way to go, but clearly, there is still much to be done about the current awful (in my opinion as a frequent long-haul passenger) design.

If you could create a new seating plan for a plane, how would it look?

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