There's A Hangover Pill Now Available!

Some mornings after a big night you can wake up wishing there was a mricle pill you could take to make you feel better!

Well, now there is .... in the U.K.

A new "hangover pill" is now available there. But it does require a little forethought.

You just pop a double dose of Myrkl an hour before you start drinking, and according to its makers, it will break down up to 70% of the alcohol in your gut before it gets into your bloodstream.

It's 100% natural and vegan -- its main ingredients are two bacteria, an amino acid and vitamin B-12. No word on when it will be in the U.S., but its ingredients are all already FDA-approved.

The only downside for you degenerates is that it can stop you from getting as drunk.

Check out this video explaining what it does.

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