This Is The Best Alcohol To Drink To Avoid A Hangover According To Experts!

Want a drink on the weekend but don't want that awful hangover?

Experts say the best alcohol to drink to avoid a hangover is Blanco Tequila. You know ... the clear stuff. That's the one I really like. I can drink the stuff with some lime and salt or in a skinny margarita but I don't mix it with anything else.

Because the alcohol is made from 100% agave, a Mexican plant, it has no sugar and no corn syrup. Without the sugar, your body is supposedly able to process the alcohol cleanly, without making you feel like garbage the next morning.

Have a go and let me know if you feel better the next day than you do after sipping on whisky all night!

Obviously, booze are not healthy, but if you're going to drink, this could be a better option.

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