Snickers Seasoning Is Now A Thing!

Smores, fried Oreos or really anything that stays still long enough, fast food joints like Sonic and any restaurant with unlimited drinks or appetizers ... these were all American foods that blew my mind when I first came here.

But every now and then, a product will land on the shelves that gives me that "Wow, America likes food" feeling again ... this time it's with Snickers Seasoning. It's made for sprinkling over ice cream, cookies, milkshakes, cookies, yogurt and more to enhance the flavour profile.

The Mars candy company partnered with a condiment brand, B&G Foods for it. Each jar is filled with around seven ounces of Snickers in powder form.

This isn't the first time a candy has been turned into a seasoning. The same brand released a Twix version last year. And before that, they did a Cinnamon Toast Crunch one called Cinnadust.

The Snickers version should be available everywhere by the end of the month. 

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