Florida Man Survives Crazy Alligator Attack - Watch Drone Footage

A 34-year-old Florida man filming an instructional video in a Florida lake described in harrowing detail how he survived a brush with death when he was attacked by a 12 ft alligator earlier this month.

Although he doesn't need to describe it, we have drone footage of the actual attack in this unique situation.

He said he felt everything from the “scales” to the “teeth” of the reptile break his skin. “That thing was huge. That thing wasn’t a little gator.”

He said he put his hands inside the gator's mouth before it let him go. There was a six-hour surgery after the alligator crushed his head, broke his jaw and damaged a nerve in his face. The doctors performed a craniectomy to remove part of his skull, as well as some of his temporal lobe. His jaw was also wired shut.

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