Join The Hot Girl Walk!

I'm going to be participating in something called a "Hot Girl Walk!"

What on earth is that? It's a trend that's taken off on TikTok about exercise and the mental health and self-esteem benefits that come from simply taking a long stroll on foot.

A bunch of women who don't know each other will join together for a walk starting at Salt7 in Fort Lauderdale Thursday night at 6:30pm and you can come too!

What do you do while "Hot Girl Walking?" You're meant to think about your goals, how grateful you are and of course, how hot you are!

Bring your bestie and join the fun and drinks at Salt7 afterwards. The walk is an hour with no specific route and we will walk wherever the mood takes us.

Why not come along, get some exercise, explore the city and maybe even make some friends along the way! Much better than binging that TV show for a third night in a row!

See you there!


Where: Salt7 Fort Lauderdale (500 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301)

When: 6:30pm Thursday 25th August 2022

Why: To promote mental health, getting fit and making friends

What: Walk then free drinks for ladies at Salt7

Wear: Workout attire and comfy shoes

How Much: Free

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