What It's Really Like Taking The Brightline

Brightline is the ONLY way I travel to and from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm. ✨

The last time I got stuck in traffic behind a wreck on 95 I had to ask the ride-share driver to stop for me to go to the bathroom. So annoying! 😆

But when I take the Brightline not only do they have super nice, clean bathrooms on board, but they also serve cocktails and refreshments as you ride. 🍸

You know how ride-share drivers sometimes have a spot for you to plug your phone charger? Well, brightline has two spots on every seat! 🔌

Speaking of ride shares - they also provide you with a beautiful Tesla ride to and from your pick-up and drop-off spot within 5 miles. That’s my favorite part … actually the whole experience is my favorite part!

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Here is an inside look at the experience.

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