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Rats In New Orleans Get High Munchin On Police Weed?!

Photo: ADEK BERRY / AFP / Getty Images

The New Orleans Police Department is battling a major infestation of drugged-up rats!

The rodents have become “high” after making their way into the evidence room to munch on narcotics.

“The rats are eating our marijuana,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick says. “They’re all high.”

Rats have been spreading feces everywhere, including on employees’ desks, due to poor working conditions, like broken elevators, non-functioning plumbing and an air-conditioning system that’s been out of commission. To repair everything will cost more than $6 million.

“It is not just at police headquarters. It is all the districts. The uncleanliness is off the charts,” Kirkpatrick said. “The janitorial cleaning deserves an award trying to clean what is uncleanable.”

The City Council voted to approve a 10-year lease agreement for NOPD to move to a new building, costing $670,000 per month, which is less than the $30 million it would take to repair the current headquarters.

“When we say we value our employees, you can’t say that and at the same time allow people to work in conditions that are not acceptable,” Kirkpatrick explained.

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