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Man Banned From Store Over A Duck?!

In Tennessee, A man was banned from a Buc-ee’s store after bringing in his service duck.

Justin Wood is a YouTuber, who posted a video of the incident on his account, titled “seDUCKtive.” 3 million followers strong the channel features videos of Wood bringing his service duck to places like a subway, a Chuck E. Cheese and a Hooters.

In the video, Wood is brings his duck Wrinkle to the chain’s largest store in Sevierville, Tennessee. An employee comes over to tell Wood that pets aren’t allowed in the store, but Wood explains that Wrinkle is a service animal.

“I can give you three forms of identification right now if you’d like,” he said in the video.

Wood then shopped a bit more, and another employee approached Wood and told him that pets aren’t allowed in the store.

“You’re more than welcome to stay here. The animal cannot; there’s no pets in here,” the worker said in the video. “Your animal, even if it’s considered a service animal, you have to be able to contain it, and it can fly out.”

The employee insisted that Wood would need to either take Wrinkle out of the store or put her on a leash. Wood, then put the duck on the ground and had her follow behind him.

The employee called the cops, and after buying bottles, Wood left the store, where an officer pulled up to speak with Wood. He provided Wrinkle’s ID to the officer, who tells Wood that he’s been banned from all Buc-ee’s properties going forward, including both the parking lots and inside the stores. Then, a more officers showed up to tell Wood that his duck had bitten one of the stuffed animals inside the store, and owed $16.44.

The officers are, then shown playing with Wrinkle before the video ends.

Buc-ee’s pet policy states the following:

The Health Code prohibits live animals, including dogs, where food could potentially be contaminated. There are exceptions, however, for service animals and animals that work with police officers. For people with disabilities, specially trained service animals play an absolutely vital role. They make it possible for those with disabilities to work, travel, stay safe, and, in some cases, stay alive. By false claiming that your pet is a service animal, you are poisoning attitudes towards true service animals. In addition, if you enter a facility where an actual service animal is working, your untrained animal may jeopardize the safety of the service animal and its handler.

Lotta fuss over a duck not named Daffy.

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