Why you should stop cruising in the left lane in Florida

Florida Highway Patrol is cracking down on left-lane drivers that aren't following the law.

In the state of Florida, if the road you're driving on has 2 or more lanes heading in the same direction, you can only use the far left lane for passing. After passing the slower vehicles, you are required to move back into one of the other lanes.

Even if you are already driving above the speed limit, if you are in the left lane and there are other drivers who want to pass you, you must move over.

If you are pulled over, a citation can be issued. In addition to the $161 fine, 3-points could be added to your license.

Misusing the left lane leads to traffic congestion and road rage, according to FHP.

So the next time you hit the road, don't forget to get back in the right-hand lane after passing another car.

Here's a video that will demonstrate why it's dangerous to drive slowly in the left lane.

Photo: Getty Images

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