Resiliency initiative announced to empower Florida students

A new 'resiliency curriculum' for Florida schools was announced Friday by Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis. The First Lady says the goal is to improve the mental health of the state's students.

"Seeing the data and knowing that mental and emotional wellbeing of our children was an issue prepandemic," Mrs. DeSantis said. "Unfortunately, now we see it is even more pressing."

The announcement was made at the Amway Center in dowtown Orlando because the Orlando Magic and other pro sports teams and athletes around the state will serve as role models. They'll get students excited about resilience and learning about topics such as critical thinking, problem solving and responsibility.

"We are changing the narrative on mental health and reframing it to resiliency and hope. We want to empower our youth with the tools and the skill sets to be resilient by learning how to persevere through life's challenges."

For more information on the initiative, students and families can go to

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