South Florida Man Arrested for Stalking Employer with Apple AirTag

Hialeah, FL - A 46-year-old Hialeah man has been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking after he placed an Apple AirTag on his boss's car and tracked his movements for four days.

According to police, the victim began receiving alerts on October 9th that an AirTag was located in proximity to him.

Unsure about the source of these alerts, he waited for his daughter's return from out of town on October 13th to investigate the matter.

Upon examination, the victim's daughter discovered the AirTag hidden within a black magnetic case.

By connecting to the AirTag, the victim's daughter obtained the last four digits of its owner's phone number.

Cross-referencing these numbers with his contact list, the victim identified the culprit as his employee, Janrry Azoy Cruz.

Police subsequently obtained data from Apple confirming Azoy Cruz's ownership of the tracker.

The victim stated that the presence of the AirTag caused him "substantial emotional distress and fear."

After being taken into custody, Azoy Cruz admitted to placing the AirTag on his boss's car and that he was "testing out its abilities to use it for issues in his own personal relationship."

Azoy Cruz was initially taken to jail but later bonded out on the felony stalking charge.

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