I Was Cheering for Bubba

I’m not going to lie. As I was working from home this afternoon, I turned on the NASCAR Race from Talladega. Every fiber of my being was cheering for Bubba Wallace. I’ve never met the man. I’ve seen him race, but I have no idea if he is a good dude or not.But that’s irrelevant. Some POS hung a noose in his garage stall at the track on Sunday.If you don’t follow racing – Bubba is the only black driver in NASCAR.

FBI agents are trying to figure out who did this. The garage area is pretty restricted and it has people wondering if it was done by someone connected to one of the other teams. Obviously that’s speculation.

In an incredible show of support and unity, NASCAR drivers pushed Wallace and his race car to the front of the field before the start of today’s race. Wallace climbed out of his car and wept.It was an incredibly moving moment.

This despicable act comes just two weeks after NASCAR banned the Confederate flag on its properties. Workers painted #IstandwithBubbaWallace across the infield grass before the race.

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr was cheering for Bubba too.He tweeted yesterday “Hope Bubba Wins tomorrow.”

It’s 2020.Can we stop the hate?Please.Open your heart. Bubba is as much an American as you are. He doesn’t deserve this.No one does.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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