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The Washington ????

Put all the reasons aside that Washington's NFL franchise will have a new name, and think about how fun it could be to go through the process.

If this was a new franchise there would be all kinds of speculation. The Presidents? The Generals? The Monuments? The We Don't Trust you as Far as our Quarterback can Throw You? Ok that one sucks. Or does it???

Anyway, back to the fun of it. The new NHL Franchise in Seattle still doesn't have a name. I'm cheering for Seattle Sasquatch. Because, well why not!? Its fun, it's a little stupid, or maybe a lot stupid, but whatever -- its sports. We all name our Fantasy Teams something ridiculous, and very likely NSFW.

Let's do it with our sports teams. It starts with booze. A few beers, some pizza, and then ideas start to flow. Then some bourbon or tequila, and that's when the creativity really comes out. And again, some NSFW names that we will laugh about and immediately delete.

The Washington Scandals? Nah, too predictable.

The DC Comics -- wait, that's taken. Never mind.

The Washington Wizards and Capitals are taken. One of them is a successful franchise, the other one is a terrible wizard. Seriously, how can I respect you with a wizard if you don't have a potion for winning???

The Washington Nationals won a World Series without cheating. How un-Washington is that.

The Washington Tax Rebates?

Clearly we haven't gotten to the tequila yet. Let's keep thinking.

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