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Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs

Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs

2 racks of Baby Back Ribs

½ cup kosher salt

¼ cracked black pepper

¼ cup Brown Sugar

½ teaspoon cracked coriander

½ teaspoon ground star anise

1 tabelspoon  ground mustard

1 cup pickle juice

½ cup Fireball

1 cup light brown sugar

1 each whole pineapple

1 bunch cilantro

Blend in blender and strain heat and reduce by ½

2 cups of hard wood chips.. apple   cherry  etc…


  • Combine the spices and mix and dust the ribs on both sides till covered but not packed
  • Wrap wood chips in aluminum foil sachet and poke some holes and place on the high side of the grill
  • Place ribs on low side of the grill making sure the lid is down and the temp is 275 degrees
  • Turn after one hour
  • After second hour of cooking ( 1 hour a side) baste with the pineapple glaze.
  • Baste with Pickle Ball Glaze and wrap bottom with  aluminum foil, turn heat up and heat till sauces caramelizes and enjoy!

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