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Owner of Music Store Gives Kid Free Trumpet

A 21 year old finds a letter from the owner of a music store written to his mom from almost a decade ago. In this letter, the owner gives his mother the trumpet because she could not afford to buy it for him.

Jacques Ruffin, who is from the Orlando area, started playing the trumpet in middle school. His mom could not not afford to buy him one, so she rented one for him from a music store called the Alegro Music Centre.

Recently, he was going through a closet in her home and found the old letter written from the store owner with the name of James Jones. 

Apparently, his mom had gotten behind on payments and could not catch up. So, James sent her a letter declaring that he was going to give her son the trumpet because he didn't want him to have to give it up. His only request was that if he ever lost interest, to return it so another kid could get the chance to learn.

Jacques never quit and is playing that very same trumpet.

This letter has inspired Jacques to start a GoFundMe page to buy instruments for other underprivileged kids. If you want to contribute to the page, here is the link:

The full letter is transcribed below:

Dear Mrs. Ruffin: 

I have decided to forgive the rent on Jacques' trumpet. You do not have to pay me any more for the trumpet. It is yours to play. 

However, if Jacques drops out of band and stops playing the trumpet, will you return it to me so I can give it to some other deserving student. 

I have been through bad times like you. But remember   Tough times never last, Tough people do. 

Maybe, you can help some other student someday when times are better. 

Sincerely yours, 

James Jones

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