Florida Inmates Become Heroes By Breaking Into A Car

As reported by the Daily Mail, a group of inmates saved the day in Florida by using their, well, less than legal skills for the side of good. When a father locked his one-year-old child in his car with his keys, he faced a serious dilemma. He couldn't afford to get a locksmith, so what did he do? Well, that's when crime actually DID pay for once. The police utilized the skills of five inmates on work duty to open the car.

All the inmates needed was a wire coat hanger and about two minutes of time. The child was safely rescued from the car in no time.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco had this to say regarding the legality of the situation: "Only when a deputy is around and we give permission can you break into that car."

"Our trustees are people who have made mistakes, we're trying to rehabilitate them to get back into society," he said of the low-risk offenders. 

Check out the video below!

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