Groom Choke-Slams His Bride's Ex-Boyfriend WWE Style

As reported by Fox News, a video of a staged wedding fight has gone viral. In the video, the newlywed groom takes on the ex-boyfriend of his now bride, and it ends with a devastating finishing maneuver: A choke-slam, echoing WWE greats Undertaker and Kane. And that's not all! The choke-slam was through a table!

The groom, named Nick Boulanger, told People that they didn't want a regular wedding "“where it’s all romantic and then you have the dance." And we'd say he achieved his goal. Now have no fear, it wasn't actually his bride's ex. It was actually a Texas professional wrestler that was playing her ex. So that makes a little better.

It's certainly an interesting way to ring in the new chapter of your love life. One could argue that it shows trust? Check it out for yourself in the video below:

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