'Movie Trivia Schmoedown' Electrifies Sellout Chicago Crowd!

Commissioner Emma Fyffe addressing the crowd.

During my trip to Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, I attended a live experience unlike anything else that you'll see: The Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Now, as a fan of their content (which can be found HERE on their channel and HERE on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE), I was already pumped for the show. I watch all of the videos, I keep up with the narrative, and it's become part of my regular life. But many don't even know what it is, and I think you should! For us fans, it's undergone an evolution straight into the realm of a sport. Why? Well, because it really is one. A sport of mental fortitude. Now, you might already be scratching your head wondering how something with trivia could be considered a sport. And for answers to that question, I simply refer you to the following video to get you up to speed:


Now that you've hopefully enjoyed that hype history lesson, let's get into the event. Don't worry, we're going NON-SPOILER here and I'll get right to it: It was absolutely fantastic. From top to bottom, Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis, and the entire team killed it. From production viewpoints, entertainment viewpoints, and from the perspective of fan positivity, this was a top tier event. In an amazing feat, the 'Schmoedown' team sold out Chicago's Athenaeum Theater on April 13th, bringing in 1,000 fans, many fresh off their celebrating in that galaxy far, far away but STILL wanting to make time for this showcase in knowledge. And even with that pressure, the team's combined efforts ensured a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable experience. But like...it's also a game right? And games have players? Well, that's absolutely correct.

The competitors from the evening included famed YouTube personality Alex Damon, comedian and writer Joseph Scrimshaw, writer Marc Andreyko, film journalist Jeff Sneider, podcaster and producer Mark Reilly, and host and podcaster Ben Bateman. All six of these men really lit the crowd ablaze. The passion was palpable. The crowd interaction was special and celebratory. They carried the torch of community and acceptance proudly the entire evening. You owe it to yourself to check out some of their stuff!

Now when you combine the litany of talent from the digital, comedy, and writing spaces with the aforementioned crowd of 1,000 passionate fans, you can only have the word that the show has embraced for this, its sixth season: Magic.

Now's the time to check out the Schmoedown, people. It has something for everyone, and I couldn't recommend it more. Their live experience in particular is something special. The reach toward this new height for their brand has worked out in the most grand way, and it'll continue to grow in Houston on May 18th, and San Diego on July 20th! Get your tickets and become a part of the action!

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